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Our Team

Cynthia Watson

Founder / CEO of The Bridge Path SC


Brian F. Lann, MA, LPC, LPC-s, LAC

Midlands Center for Addiction Treatment


Alicia Harris, MA, LPC, LAC

Brella Counseling Services, LLC

K. Mckenzie Watson

Community Outreach Coordinator


Our Purpose

The Bridge Path is a reentry transformation initiative. We are an employment referral agency that aims to treat every participant with compassion and dignity. Our mission is to equip those who have experienced substance addiction, homelessness, or incarceration with the hope, skills, and opportunities that will allow them to rebuild their lives. 


At The Bridge Path, every single person deserves a second chance. Many of our participants have overcome significant challenges in their pasts and are now committed to making a change. The Bridge Path recognizes the courage that it takes to learn from one’s mistakes. We are dedicated to helping our participants rediscover the confidence they need to become active members of their communities and families.The Bridge Path offers an array of services tailored to the specific needs of our participants.


An essential element of rebuilding one’s life is finding meaningful employment. However, among substance abusers, ex-offenders, and homeless individuals and military veterans, the rate of unemployment is as high as 27%. The Bridge Path seeks to secure employment for its participants by providing the resources society often withholds from those unfairly assumed irredeemable. We refer qualified participants who have gone through our program with an opportunity to gain employment with our partnering client companies. We believe every person should have the opportunity to succeed, to grow, and to better themselves. We offer that opportunity for those who seek it.

Our Process


The Bridge Path's success is due to our approach with each participant. We offer extensive mental health counseling for substance abuse, PTSD, stress management, and  overall mental wellbeing. All services are tailored specifically for the individual. Those who suffer the most from mental health problems are often the ones most overlooked. Mental health should never become a barrier in the path to employment and a happier life. That is true for every single one of our participants.


As a job referral agency, The Bridge Path understand that our culture’s system of discrimination cannot perpetuate. We understand that our purpose is to provide our partnering client companies with qualified, dedicated candidates, and to provide our participants with the tools they need to regain a foothold in society. Our purpose is to provide hope and compassion and to leave the world better than we found it.

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